Become a Positive Grid Artist!

Send us your pics and videos and be featured on our website and social channels. You will also be eligible to access our artist endorsement programs, early product test drives, freebies, and much more!

We know you are rocking out loud with your music, so why not share it out with the world? Just submit a picture of you playing your guitar or bass whether it’s in a professional stage, small gig, recording, or even in your room! All ideas are valid as long as you submit a high quality picture, there is no specific technical format, just send it out and be featured in our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Here are some pic ideas:

  • Live pics of you playing guitar or bass
  • Pics of you recording in a home or professional studio
  • You jamming in a garage with or without your band
  • You playing in any place as long as it looks loud!

Photo-featured Positive Grid products, as well as YouTube and Soundcloud links are not necessary but encouraged for submission.

Become a Positive Grid Artist!

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